#build: for all your build/release engineering-related needs


Coop and I were discussing this morning how it’s easy for build-related requests to get lost in #firefox and #developers.
There is a #build on irc.mozilla.org, but it was previously used for build team chatter.
It’s been opened now though, so if you:

  • Have a build/release engineering request that’s not getting seen in other channels…
  • … or…

  • Are interested in working on (or seeing others work on) build/release engineering-related things, like makefiles, autoconf, AUS2, etc.

… then feel free to /join #build!
If you need build-related support (“Firefox won’t build on my VIC 20!”), please continue to ask in #developers and #firefox; right now, the build “team” is pretty time-constrained, so we’d like to keep #build high on the signal-to-noise ratio, and use it as a filter for ensuring high priority items are addressed in a timely fashion.