Surf’s up!


12:26 <@preed> it hasn't moved to the head of the list (by any stretch), but... this will get it on my radar.
12:26 <@preed> (whereas before, not so much. :-)
12:27 <dmose> preed: i'm happy to do the hands-on work myself if that's appropriate
12:27 <@preed> it's funny... Justin and I were talking yesterday, and he blithely said "Yeah, you're drowning right now."
12:27 <@preed> and I was like "Aww... I thought I was treading water!"
12:27 * dmose chuckles
12:27 * dmose buys preed a surfboard


On that note, I need to set a topic in #build (cf. Coop’s comments, which express my opinion on the matter perfectly).