Thinking outside the box


I had to ship “something” (a gadget) back to a company today.

This item came to the office in a box, of course. But, it actually shipped in an outer… “shipping” box. This box was lost in a horrible horrible misplaced-box-janitor-cleanup-destruction accident.

Thusly, to ship my item back, I needed to another “shipping” (outer) box.

I asked Karen—our trusty office assistant/shipping queen—”How could I solve this problem?” She directed me to the stash of FedEx boxes downstairs. Downstairs I trek to find said a “shipping” (outer) box!

(Oooh, the suspenseful adventure!)

At first, I had some trouble finding them, but then I found an inconspicuous (as opposed to standard colorful white, orange, and blue) box that FedEx that had shipped to us containing—you guessed it—boxes!

So, to recap in case I’ve lost any of you: I took the box out of the box that FedEx shipped to us to put a box that had been shipped to me in another box in a box so FedEx could ship it back to the company.

This post brought to you by the Cardboard Recylcing Board of America and post-AUS2-update-creation-head-banging-insanity.