Tinderbox, Tinderbox! Wherefore art thou Tinderbox?


After working on problems with tinderboxen for the past week—some on really important branches, like the 1.0.8 security release, others on more… eclectic stuff (read: Cairo)—I’ve come to the conclusion that we have too many Tinderboxen!1
That was reinforced by the fact that we started running out of space for logfiles on branches that matter, when there were gigabytes of logfiles hanging around that I’ve never even heard of.
In looking at the main Tinderbox page, I wonder: does anyone care about the following Tinderboxen?

  • Aviary-1.0
  • BlueBird
  • Mozilla1.0
  • Mozilla1.4
  • Mozilla1.5
  • Mozilla1.6
  • Mozilla1.7
  • Phoenix

If so, speak up before the end of next week… otherwise, these tinderboxen (both backend machines and frontend space for logs, etc.) will be on the chopping block.
1 Technically, that should read “Too many Tinderboxen for us to manage right now.”