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So I’ve been doing some virtual machine migrations—more on that later—but this one relatively old RedHat VM was having problems booting after the migration.
One of the details that has to be taken care of is the physical machines are unlikely to have the same SCSI disk drivers that the VM has, so you have to futz with kernels and modules (oh my!)
While running mkinitrd(8), I kept getting an “/sbin/mkinitrd: line 477: /sbin/tune2fs: Permission denied” error.
I investigated a bit further, and found the permissions on /sbin/tune2fs to be incorrect. After fixing them, mkinitrd spat a more interesting error.
More investigation revealed:

bash-2.05b# file /sbin/tune2fs
/sbin/tune2fs: timezone data

It’s been one of those Mondays…