On the (continuing) cute surprises of Mozilla lore…


I just checked in the patch for Bug 329686 (which should hopefully make AUS more useful to open source projects, including… y’know, ourselves!) and received this handy dandy reminder of my responsibilities as a developer with Mozilla CVS checkin access:

Date: Wed, 8 Mar 2006 21:47:22 -0800
From: bonsai-daemon@mozilla.org
To: preed@mozilla.com
Subject: [Bonsai] You're on the hook now!
You are responsible to make sure the build of the Seamonkey Tree works.
You just checked into mozilla/config the files: autoconf.mk.in. From now until the tree is verified and opened again, you are to be available for the build team to pester in case of any problems.

I find this amusing for a number of reasons. But most of all, I think, because I’m pretty sure that I know where I’ll be for the rest of evening… in case I need to pester myself due to any problems…