04/13/2006 (and 1.0.8, if you’re nostalgic like that) released today!
One of the big announcements for is the addition of Macintosh Universal Binary builds, including all the standard locales.
A lot of people (Mark and Josh especially) worked really hard to get universal builds into I only did a minimal amount of work to support the effort, but I just want everyone to know: the only reason I personally worked on Universal Binaries at all was to make Justin, our IT director, happy.
So, even if you don’t own a MacBook (or even a Mac!) be sure to take a moment and download the Universal Binary.
Do it for Justin.


I must say, I get a kick when people read somewhere that the next version of Firefox is released, and I’m sitting there, staring at a bash prompt with things left to do.

14:55 <preed> I've had three friends tell me "Congrats on the release" already
14:55 <preed> I told them they have a problem with premature congratulation.