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May 2006
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May 2006

“First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two at twice the price?”


rhelmer applied the first release tag to the tree—FIREFOX_1_5_0_4_RC3—since the CVS server upgrade. It took just under four minutes to complete. For comparison, the old CVS server? Forty minutes. On a good day morning at 4 am. (This is the point in the story where we all go hug justdave.) *** Went to the Flock Read More

Microsummaries + performance data = a Sheriff’s best deputy?


I found Myk‘s XTech talk on microsummaries very interesting. Last night at dinner, I believe it was Axel who was suggesting that publishing tinderbox performance data as an RSS feed might offer some interesting possibilities. At first, I didn’t see the point of doing that exactly, but with microsummaries, a tree sheriff could put all Read More

Jitter Bug


One of the largest hurdles with the virtualization migration plan was this huge unknown question of whether or not the tinderboxen performing tests could be virtualized. Now that we have one (somewhat modern) tinderboxen—argo— cloned in a VM and running in physical hardware, we do have some data to look at. “argo‘s” data is actually Read More

Welcome to Amsterdam, where the local time is OH MAN DO I NEED A SHOWER…


After almost 16 hours of travel, I finally made it into Amsterdam, and have gotten settled. I even got a good night’s sleep last night, so I’m mostly over the jet lag (although, my laptop’s clock says it’s currently 5:52 am PDT, a reminder that is really not helping matters…) This trip has been particularly Read More

Ahead of the Release Curve III: Virtually There


The How-Does-This-Affect-Me? Version Various Tinderboxen will be down next week, in cycles, so we can migrate them into virtual machines. These migrations will start on Tuesday, 9 May, and will be performed in three rounds, with about four tinderboxen per round. During each round, these machines will be unavailable for a 24 hour period. The Read More