“First rule in government spending: why build one when you can have two at twice the price?”


rhelmer applied the first release tag to the tree—FIREFOX_1_5_0_4_RC3—since the CVS server upgrade.
It took just under four minutes to complete.
For comparison, the old CVS server?
Forty minutes. On a good day morning at 4 am.
(This is the point in the story where we all go hug justdave.)


Went to the Flock presentation this morning on the Browser Technology track. I’ve never used Flock, so it was interesting to see the demo and look at some of the features they have.
I asked what their automated update story was, since there have been two or three releases of Firefox since the release they’re using (which, as I understand it, is 1.5 still).
They said “We couldn’t find the code for the automatic updates stuff.” Which we know about and are working on fixing. (In fact, I’ve been working on it at XTech!)
So, how did they solve this problem?
“We wrote our own replacement.”