Microsummaries + performance data = a Sheriff’s best deputy?


I found Myk‘s XTech talk on microsummaries very interesting.
Last night at dinner, I believe it was Axel who was suggesting that publishing tinderbox performance data as an RSS feed might offer some interesting possibilities.
At first, I didn’t see the point of doing that exactly, but with microsummaries, a tree sheriff could put all the branches they’re supposed to be watching in their toolbar, so they wouldn’t have to scan a huge tinderbox page all day. Could maybe even whip up some XSLT (was it?) to make them change colors if the performance numbers jump outside of some pre-defined range.
Of course, the cool thing about microsummaries is you don’t necessarily need the RSS feed, it sounds like.
It’s an interesting idea, though… is there a more consumable format for perf data than we currently offer/publish?