Welcome to Amsterdam, where the local time is OH MAN DO I NEED A SHOWER…


After almost 16 hours of travel, I finally made it into Amsterdam, and have gotten settled. I even got a good night’s sleep last night, so I’m mostly over the jet lag (although, my laptop’s clock says it’s currently 5:52 am PDT, a reminder that is really not helping matters…)
This trip has been particularly interesting thus far, since it’s the first time I’ve been out of the country. Evar.
The flight was interesting, especially for a flyboy like myself. The transatlantic aircraft-separation-and-communication bit was of particular interest to me… and, of course, trying to figure out what air traffic controllers in Germany were referring to, despite the fact that they speak English on the frequency.
The most amusing part of the 9+ hour flight was being seated next to this old couple; they started having a conversation—in only the way an old married couple can have a conversation—about how much alcohol they should drink, and whether or not they were supposed to take it with the sleeping pills, or not take it with the sleeping pills, and whether or not the “jet lag” pills were the same as the sleeping pills (and whether or not they could take the jetlag pills with alcohol… and… etc., etc., etc.)
A few minutes after that, the husband said to his wife: “Smell this. [Holds up a travel bag.] The bourbon’s leaking.”
Then they proceeded to open the bag and take out sports bottles full of… “apple cider.” Then the wife said “Wait, is it the scotch leaking or the bourbon leaking?”
Then they started arguing about what scotch and bourbon smell like.
I dont’ know what they eventually decided, but about an hour after this, they both fell asleep… and were completely out of it for the rest of the entire flight.