Just a heads up: on the Tinderboxen pages, you may see the build names starting to change from “Release” to “Nightly, a la names like “WINNT 5.0 patrocles Dep Tb-Release” to names like “MacOSX Darwin 8.7.0 bm-xserve02 Dep Fx-Nightly.”
The reason for this change is to clear up confusion between the tinderboxen that produce nightly builds, and those that produce release builds. Those used to be the same thing, but now, they [can be] separate. This was more of an issue on the maintenance branches, where the “release builds” had to come from “Clbr” tinderboxen, since there already were “Release” tinderboxen, making everyone more confused.
If this breaks anyone’s scripts or anything, or if you have questions, please do let me know.
This change will take place slowly as we move tinderboxen around.