The Bad Good Ol’ Days


I’ve starting taking some time to go through the open build@mozilla-org.bugs list. The goal is to make the list reflect reality because, as most of you know, a list with over 100 bugs on it, all assigned to the same “person” is.. well… basically meaningless.
There’s more work to do, but I got the list down below 100 bugs, down from 150ish or so.
Anyway, by far the most exciting part of the session was dealing with my lowest Bugzilla bug number evar, bug 11127: “Build issues for external developers.”
Opened October 2nd of 1999, it reported that CVS is too slow (and we should provide rsync feeds to the source), NSPR debugging variables didn’t make sense, nmake was too slow, and “the build system is insufficiently documented.”
Given that CVS is now wicked fast, we don’t use nmake for anything anymore, and… well… something never change I guess, I RESOLVED it FIXED.
(Seriously though, I mentioned Devmo in the resolving comment; there’s tons of great stuff on there and wiki.m.o about the build system and its architecture; there’s been a ton of useful work in that area as well.)
I’m going to continue working through the list until it reflects reality, and I’ve already RESOLVED -> WONTFIXed some bugs.
If I happen to do this to one of your “favorite,” pet Build Config bugs, please gently re-open to let me know the error of my ways.1
1 All bugs before 2001 will not be considered for this special offer. They’re old and therefore obviously unnecessary.2
2 Just kidding.