Important Tidbits of Three


Tidbit the First:

The current Build Team Radars have been posted on wiki.m.o.
I did say radars—multiple—as we’ve published August’s monthly radar, but also a longer term, quarterly radar.
Astute readers of the two scopes may notice that the monthly radars now have ETA dates, whereas they didn’t before. You may also note that the quarterly radar has no specific dates, but has a ninth month outlook.
Being the aviation geek that I am, don’t be surprised if your hear me start referring to these as the “[Monthly] Approach” and the “[Quarterly] Center” radars1


Tidbit the second:

rhelmer has been spending his days working on the Test-Only Tinderboxen. For those in a hurry, this was adding functionality to tinderbox to download a build and test it on a separate machine. These machines would have different characteristics than the build machines (namely, they wouldn’t be VMs), and hopefully will give us more stable data.
Well, they’re finally here! Look for columns ending in “test perf” on Linux and Windows on the 1.8 branch and trunk Tinderbox pages. And this is only phase one.
Thanks, rhelmer, for your hard work on this!


Tidbit the third:
We made this change some time ago, but it may still be confusing: nightly builds older than about about 60 days now get moved to archive.m.o, and moved off of ftp.m.o.
If you’re looking for older nightlies than you can find on ftp.m.o, check out archive.

1 Approach radar has different requirements than Center radar: in Approach’s airspace, the planes are moving slower and the precision requirements for the radar data is higher (due to higher congestion in the airspace). So, less airspace to cover, but more detailed information necessary. Center radar, on the other hand, covers a much larger area, and the planes are moving in multiples of Mach, so there’s a larger space, but less precise positioning data. An apt analogy for our radars, I think.