“Isn’t [IRC] safe for the good children, Bobby?!”


Edited to remove extraneous (y’know, productive, work-related) conversation:

11:28 < mento> say my name
11:29 < ss|work> mento: Where's the "bitch"? It's supposed to be "say my name bitch"
11:30 < mento> ss|work: yes, but this is a family channel, and i wouldn't want to upset any of the reeds
11:30 < ss|work> Ah...
11:30 < mento> ss|work: were this #camino, you better believe i would have exceeded your expectations of my vulgarity
11:31 < preed> mento: you obviously haven't seen #build around release time.
11:31 < preed> We move from TV-Y7 to TV-M
11:32 < mento> with all the D, S, L, and V that come with that rating
11:32 < preed> Mostly L and V.
11:32 < preed> I wish there were more S.
11:32 < preed> If there were more S, there'd maybe be less L and V.
11:32 < ss|work> preed: Lots of S in #foxymonkies.
11:32 < preed> but definitely plenty of D.