A special update, just for Talk Like A Pirate Day


Tonight, with help from morgamic and sspitzer, we’ve published Firefox’s first ever “major update.”
This type of update is intended to pull people from (for instance) to 2.0. We won’t be immediately publishing any major updates (including that particular update path). It includes the ability to display EULAs and allow users to ignore the major update, including forever (so they can stay on 1.5.0.x, if they wanted).
We’ll be doing a couple of tests:

  • We’ve published an update for build 2006091813, win32/en-US only; most people have already updated to today’s nightly, but if you’d like to try it out, you can download that build, run it, and check for updates. You should get offered a major update to “2.0mt1″ (“mt” stands for “major [update] testing”).
  • Within the next couple of days (hopefully tomorrow afternoon), we’ll run a clobber build on the 1.8 branch, for all platforms/en-US, and publish an update to those builds that is a major update (will likely offer itself as “2.0mt2″).

If you’d like to help test out the major update functionality, Seth, morgamic and I, along with millions of users, and at least a couple of pirates, would much appreciate it!