Disgusting Little Urchins


Is there a way for me to filter a cookie based upon a regex matched against the cookie name, for each webpage, without the “Do you want to allow this site to set this cookie?”-window popping up? For instance, say I never wanted cookies with /^__utmw+$/ to be set, even if I wanted other cookies from a site set?
A bit of Googling netted me this Netlib documentation, but seeing as it’s dated 1998, I have little faith that it was even ever implemented.* (If I’m remembering the last time I looked at this correctly, I’m pretty sure I even did a quick LXR search on that pref name, too…)
An extension would be fine too… and I think I even searched for one too, but… alas, I came up with nothing.
Any pointers?
*No, I didn’t bother trying this yet, since the effort to ask the LazyWeb is much lower than the effort that will be required to bang my head against the wall when it doesn’t work. I figure that’s precious time I could be spending fixing a Tinderbox… or something. ;-)