Last Friday, after [*cough* too many *cough*] hours of flight time[due entirely to me dragging my own feet], I drove out to the Palo Alto Airport and took my private pilot checkride with FAA-designated pilot examiner Mike Shiflett.
The first part—the oral test—went smoothly… and quickly!
I then gathered the weather for the second part, the practical flight test. Everything looked great on paper, but after pre-flighting the plane and getting out to the runway, an almost-direct crosswind of 12-gusting-15 knots, made this part of the test more… interesting. Much more interesting.
But after ninety minutes of doing various types of takeoffs, landings, stalls, and flight maneuvers, the examiner flew us back to the airport.
I guess I managed to trick him into thinking I knew what I was doing.1
To celebrate, I flew a couple of close friends to O69 today for my first $100 hamburger.
Both being photo nerds, they took some pretty incredible pictures.2


1 Yeeeessss Justin; I can finally safety for you.

2 … including a couple of me being… quite-a-dork.