Sixty Second Summit Summary


While at dinner last week, I realized that one of the most useful parts of these yearly Firefox Summits is that it forces all of us to get together, face to face, and just slow down for a couple of evenings.
The days are full of lots of lively, boisterous discussion—as is always the case in the community—but with the added benefit of seeing the other person you’re talking to.
It definitely changes the tone of the discourse.
As I looked over the group, some chatting with each other, some just experiencing a meal together, others relaxing over a beer, it really hit home that our community has the honor of hosting some of the people who are the most knowledgable about CSS, Javascript, browser security, rendering engines, email protocols, IT infrastructure, software testing, and open source leadership in the world.
Not in the state. Not in the country. In the world.
Sometimes, around the 200th comment in a bug on how many pixels wide a button should be or how long we take to run tests, get the bits for a particular release, or get a webserver configuration pushed, I think we can forget that.
I know I have. It’s a really easy trap to fall into.
Fortunately, we have the opportunity to hold these types of events, to help us all avoid falling into that particular trap. I feel privileged to have met new friends, experienced and enjoyed the week with you all.
It was a blast.