Come for the tulips and clogs, stay for the checkouts


mrz caught me in the hallway today to let me know about a late Christmas present for those doing checkouts on the other side of the globe:!
This CVS mirror is not in production yet, but he told me about it so that he could get some help testing the mirror integrity/process.
So, if you’ve got a few extra seconds, you can help by doing a checkout of either a) your favorite tag or b) a specific date spec (-D) from cvs.m.o (or cvs-mirror.m.o) in one directory, and then pointing your CVSROOT at, and performing the same checkout into a different directory, and then diff -ring the contents. The process for logging into the mirror should be identical to the current process. (If it is, that’s a bug).
You should only see differences in the CVS/Root files.
You can even go hogwild and check out different branches and make sure they’re correct!
If you’re on this side of the planet, and feel like helping out, you can perform the same test using, which will someday grow up to become
I want to stress that neither of these mirrors are in production yet, but you can help make sure they’re production ready by helping mrz and I out.