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February 2007
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February 2007



I made a post last week, ostensibly about my experiences with Google Wifi. It was actually about much more. It had an umlaut in the title, so I wasn’t entirely surprised when it didn’t show up on Planet.m.o, thinking maybe foreign languages caused inter-Planetary indigestion. After some debugging, we found that Planet’s parser was indeed Read More

It’s been a hard day’s night


The impending release has been heretofore painful in a way reminiscent of the release, but interestingly enough, it’s been so for completely different reasons. I’m currently at the office, signing bits and pushing them out to the mirror farm. It’s been an interesting release from a build/release standpoint: I fried my brain doing Read More

Head in the Clouds, Charlie


My IFR clearance—a concept which I’ve been meaning to devote an entire bloggity-blog post to—was issued by air traffic control as follows: Cessna three-two-three-romeo-foxtrot is cleared to the Napa County Airport via: on takeoff, right turn, heading zero-six-zero within one nautical mile of the airport, radar vectors IMPLY intersection, Victor one-oh-seven, Oakland, Victor one-ninety-five, CROIT Read More

An Open Letter, Charlie


Before I present my open letter, some context is necessary. From #foxymonkies: 00:23 <@Ryan> @preed-scotch: Drinking at the office? :0 00:24 <@preed-scotch> Ryan: hell yeah. 00:24 <@preed-scotch> I’m stuck here until 4 am. 00:24 <@preed-scotch> What would *you* be doing if you wer stuck here until 4 am. 00:24 <@Ryan> ouch 00:24 <@preed-scotch> so 00:24 Read More

An Open Letter, Bravo


Dear Firefox Community, I need your help here: how do you best pimp Firefox in three minutes? Slashdot recently posed this question in regard to Linux, and at the time, I mostly ignored it, because… well… I didn’t find it particularly relevant. But then, in a coffee shop this weekend, I was getting my morning Read More

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it…”


Mozilla IT (thanks Aravind and Justin!) recently archived to tape a huge set of builds from the FTP staging server.1 These aren’t just the builds, but also the original build artifacts, from the original tinderboxen, through what was released (and probably [hopefully?!] is still available) on the FTP server. I asked IT to make Read More