A Spoon Full of Triage…


It’s a sour medicine, but if the list is ever going to become… realistic, it has to happen.
I, too, joined Coop and rhelmer in making my bug list reflect reality this evening. Now I only have five bugs!!
What ever will I do with all my free time?!
I think the weirdest part of going through my bug list was finding bugs I had actually already fixed, just never RESOLVED. D’oh!
Going through the queue also prompted me to update one of everyone’s favorite bugs (with good news, even!) and file a new, necessary bug (it’s that time of year… although I hear from the ReedBot it’s a dup.)
I don’t expect our bug list will reflect reality in the short term… but I think we can get there in the medium term. It will require being realistic about it, and it will involve gnashing of teeth in some cases, but… it’ll be nice to look at an open bug list that doesn’t