An Open Letter, Charlie


Before I present my open letter, some context is necessary.
From #foxymonkies:

00:23 <@Ryan> @preed-scotch: Drinking at the office? :0

00:24 <@preed-scotch> Ryan: hell yeah.

00:24 <@preed-scotch> I’m stuck here until 4 am.

00:24 <@preed-scotch> What would *you* be doing if you wer stuck here until 4 am.

00:24 <@Ryan> ouch

00:24 <@preed-scotch> so

00:24 <@preed-scotch> I’ve got me some Aqua Teen Hunger Force DVDs

00:24 <@preed-scotch> and three bottles of scotch

00:24 <@preed-scotch> and three hours to kill.

00:25 <@preed-scotch> time to get tore up.

00:25 <@preed-scotch> followed immediately by signing Win32 builds.

Now then…
Dear Cygwin,
Please kindly FOaD.