It’s been a hard day’s night


The impending release has been heretofore painful in a way reminiscent of the release, but interestingly enough, it’s been so for completely different reasons.
I’m currently at the office, signing bits and pushing them out to the mirror farm.
It’s been an interesting release from a build/release standpoint: I fried my brain doing the first half of the release; rhelmer graciously saved my (and, by extension, our collective) ass(es) by stepping in last weekend to finish up another round of release candidates (which turned out to be _RELEASE candidates), but pulled the same burnout trick I pulled. So I swapped back in for him to finish it all up. There’s been a bunch of handoffs that we’ve never really done before, but it’s seemingly worked thus far.
I’ve done late nights before, as most of the Mozilla project is used to, but not as consistently during any release as I have during this one, except Maybe.
Anyway, this will be a very different night from the morning I was here, working sometime around the RC1 cycle and feel asleep, to be awoken by the finance guys coming in promptly at 8:30 am.
And it’ll be different than the night I had to come in to do some binary signing, and “accidentally” had a party no one was supposed to know about, which, incidentally, “leaked” the top secret information of where I spend all my time building and releasing looks like.1
Yes, this morning will be different because, armed with a pillow and snuggly blanket from home, I’m totally prepared to snag a quality 2.5 hours of shuteye, just to ensure maximal freshness for release activities.

I’ve learned my lesson.
I never thought I’d still be having slumber parties at this age.
But I must admit, I’m actually kinda happy that I still am, though.
1 Number one comment from people walking by? “You don’t, by chance, like planes… do you?”