“Your mission, should you choose to accept it…”


Mozilla IT (thanks Aravind and Justin!) recently archived to tape a huge set of builds from the mozilla.org FTP staging server.1
These aren’t just the builds, but also the original build artifacts, from the original tinderboxen, through what was released (and probably [hopefully?!] is still available) on the FTP server.

I asked IT to make three copies of this particular backup tape: one to store with the rest of our backups, one for the Build Team to keep offsite2, and one to keep significantly offsite.
To achieve the last requirement, Beltzner, who happened to be in town this week, will be helping me to find a safe, shady spot in the Toronto office for this little bit of Mozilla Project history.
1 Thus reclaiming a bunch of space so we could keep… releasing software.
2 Which is likely to translate to “somewhere in my apartment.”