AUS2′s a movin’; can you help us lift the sofa?


AUS2, Mozilla’s Automatic Update S{erver,ystem} is packing its bags!
rhelmer, morgamic, and oremj are furiously helping it stuff the update snippets into the U-Haul, as we prep to move it from OSL to the MPT colo. We’ve been planning to do this for some time now, but there’s always been a release or firedrill or something else that prevented us from doing it.
We’ve got the AUS2′s new diggs ready for it in San Jose, and we’re starting testing now, before we have a housewarming party.
QA is helping us test on the client side1, and with Cesar Oliveira’s help2, we’re working on on the Build side, testing the server directly. If all goes well, we’ll point aus2.m.o at the new installation next week, on Monday, May 21st.
To ease into it, we’ll be removing all of the release updates for a couple of days while we test nightly updates. So on Monday and Tuesday of next week, please let us know if you experience nightly update problems.
If everything goes well, we’ll re-add the release updates to AUS2 on Tuesday the 22nd. At that time, we’ll also push out the release on the beta channels via the new AUS2 installation.
This will give AUS2 a full week of move-in time before we need to push any updates for a full release.
If there are any questions or you experience issues with updates next week, please file a bug, and let us know in #build, so we can take a look at it.
The AUS2 migration team—and millions of Firefox, Thunderbird, and Sunbird users—thank you in advance.
1 If you’re interested in helping, pop into #qa on IRC and ask about it…
2 Ok, ok… I confess… I had to beg Shaver to let us grab some of Cesar’s awesomeness to help