Just One of Those…


You ever have one of those weeks where it feels like… like… you did a bunch of… stuff… but you didn’t really get anything actually done?
Yeah, that was me this week.
I got assigned “light and airy” bugs like “Nightly updates broken – all apps, branches, platforms.”
I also spent a lot of the week trying to turn:

Exhibit A


Exhibit B

Now, if you don’t know what those pictures mean, that’s OK… because after having worked for most of a day fixing it, I really don’t understand how it works, what I did to fix it, how I would fix it again… or what the pictures actually mean.
All I know is there’s a bunch of red in the first picture… and there’s a bunch of green in the second picture. And green is… good.
I think.
Anyway, in the end, that thing they say about it not being the destination, but the journey… just might be true.