Mom’s Day


Joel—yes, that Joel—made a couple of blog posts recently reminding people that today is Mother’s day.
(Tangential aside: Hi Mom! I didn’t turn out to be a famous movie star… or a wünderkind athlete… or a renowned writer… or a Nobel prize-winning scientist… but this blog [seemingly?] [and inexplicably?] gets syndicated all over the place, so if you Google for “preed” and “mother’s day love” in like… a couple of weeks, this post should show up… and since I can’t dedicate anything to you, like those other professions tend to lend themselves to, hopefully seeing those Google search results will remind you of how much I love you, not just today, but everyday!)
What I thought particularly interesting about both of his reminders was

a. He’s offering a free day usage of his company’s Copilot software today1, so us tech-savvy children can help our Mothers update their vulnerability pockmarked Windows PCs.
and b. in both posts, he mentions installing Firefox on her computer, so she can have a cleaner, faster, more customizable, and (most importantly) safer experience on the Web.

I happen to be in Colorado right now, so I can accomplish those things with my Mom at the kitchen table2… but if you don’t have the luxury of being within fifty feet of your Mother today, here’s a chance to tidy up her PC a bit and make sure she stays safe on the Web.
So if you haven’t already, take a few minutes to introduce your Mom to Firefox. She’ll thank you for it, even if she doesn’t entirely understand why.3
(My mom notes every time I see her that every few weeks, she’s pleasantly reminded of me when she gets the “It’s time to update Firefox” popup. For most of our users, it’s an annoying4 distraction to using the web, but for her, it’s like her son5 is giving her a hug from three states away.)
1 And on Father’s Day, too
2 Actually, since Mom already uses Firefox (of course!), the big task for today is teaching her how to use flickr, since she got a digital camera for Christmas, but all the pictures she tells me about having supposedly taken have seemingly gone into a black hole!
3 Explaining Firefox extensions to my mother took awhile, but at the end of the conversation, she was very appreciative of shaver, morgamic, and everyone else’s work on AMO3!
4 but necessary
5 Even though rhelmer and cf push releases as often as I do…6
6 rhelmer and cf: please promise to be nice while giving my mother AUS2-hugs