“Farewall axolotl. And we thank you.”


During this Thursday’s outage window, IT will be moving one of the final remaining services off of axolotl.1
Because this change will cause Tp numbers to noticeably shift, we will be closing the tree at 6 pm PDT, an hour before the outage window. Assuming the outage window goes well and the new pageload server stands up, we’ll reopen the tree at midnight.
This will allow a few cycles using the new server, giving new base Tp numbers for the new pageload server.
Any questions, feel free to shoot build@m.o an email.

1 Don’t know what an axolotl is? Yah… I didn’t either.2
2 Why-oh-why wasn’t this machine named WuperRuper?!
3 There is no 3 above, but I stole the picture from wikipedia and munged it; according to the license, I’m supposed to attribute that here; so this is the original copy.