“We got buyers and we got sellers…”


The The Nomadic Build Engineer ’07 Tour continues in the Big Apple, the always open land of real pizza, subway churro stands, and a Mass Transit System That Is Actually Usable ™.
My NYLUG presentation went… ok, I think.
Everyone I talked to said it went great, but I’m not as sure. When I mentioned that I enjoy questions during the presentation, it seemed like we got lost on a half-hour tangent about Webkit on Windows, why Firefox doesn’t work on a decade’s old install of Slackware, why the “update problem” really is hard, and why we do some of the things we do (that may not always make sense to super technically-minded users). Then I had to sorta rush through the last third of the presentation to catch up.
But all-in-all, I think it was useful and informative.
(In fact, one of the NYLUG leaders randomly just told me: “I have a definitive answer about your presentation. You used the word fuck, which according to our founder, all the best presentations contain the word at least once.” Well… f’ing awesome!)
The drivel presentation is available online, and there’s supposedly a Podcast of it floating around (cheers to whomever recorded it, despite the fact that I’d rather ignore it exists, because hearing the sound of your own voice… … yah).
For those in a rush, my hour-long talk can be summarized with the following slide:

The Firefox release process in six easy steps.

Obviously, this process relies heavily on the Internets’ Tubes.
(Which aren’t big trucks.)
Anyway, I had a lot fun, and I hope NYLUG did too. Thanks for the invite!

Today, and for the rest of the weekend, I’ll be taking a couple of days off, chilling in the City.
We stopped by Atlantic City (and got to see a major thunderstorm-induced traffic jam at KEWR!) last night, and I won $7! Which is more than I can say for Vegas.
Then, more yummy East Coast food and city-explorin’.