If I were a betting man…


Some people have just not learned the lesson that it’s not a great idea to bet against a build engineer.
Philor is one of those people:

22:43 <preed> philor: I'll take my $5 please.

22:43 <philor> noooo! something else exists?

22:43 <preed> see the update in the bug.

22:43 <preed> now

22:44 <preed> as your bookie... I'm hoping we can solve this nice and quietly

22:44 <philor> I thought that was a sure thing, with its next-door neighbor in
the waterfall hanging there just yesterday

22:44 <preed> don't make me send someone to break your legs.

22:44 <philor> preed: it's in the mail

22:44 <preed> kthx

And just look what showed up on my desk this morning:

Small, unmarked bills.

Glad we could take care of this all quiet-like…