“Contact Departure, good day.”


Monday, October 22nd, will be my last day at the Mozilla Corporation.

The San Francisco QUIET TWO Departure

I’ve been trying to come up with what to say after that sentence for couple of days now, and after all that time, all I got is “Well, at least you’ll be spared from those pesky plane posts on Planet right?”
Except, even that’s not quite true, since I’m planning to continue in my role as the release module owner and am hoping to play an active part in its development.
So that doesn’t work.

Well… I’ll keep thinking about what should come after that sentence.
Until then, it definitely needs to be said that it’s been a pleasure and a privilege working with everyone at the Corporation.
I’ll still be hanging out on IRC, if you need to find me… just holler, and you’ll get me.1
1 Or Reedone of us…2
2 You had to know I was gonna do some footnotes here…