“Norcal Approach, Songbird 34, six for five, two-fifty to join the localizer.”


Today was my first day at Songbird1 as the new Manager of the Build/Release Team.

San Francisco International Airport’s
Runway two-eight-right Category III
ILS Approach Procedure

Contrary to (popular?) irc.m.o legend, I didn’t die or get run over by a compiler.
I was, however, spending some quality (and deserved, I think) time on my couch with various DVD box sets and, post-Christmas, my new PS3.2
I must admit, even though I spent most of today setting up my workstation and email and wikis and all that (important) stuff, I’m worried I may have looked like I was a little bit out of it: I was so excited about today, I only got about ninety minutes of actual, useful, real sleep before I had to get up at 6 am.
(Oh, and now I’m finding out all the various ins and outs of CalTrain schedules. I think I need some more practice, as I totally got on the wrong train going home today. But hey, I say we all need a tour of the Silicon Valley corridor from time to time to keep our appreciation fresh.)
I’m really looking forward to the new opportunities and challenges working in an environment like Songbird presents, but I think I’m most stoked about:

  • Working on a project and product related to Mozilla and Mozilla’s myriad technology.
  • Once again being able to work on an open source project. I’ve always believed it’s a privilege to be able to make a living working on open source. Plus, I think as software engineers and hackers, working in that context keeps us honest about our code… or at the very least humble. ;-)
  • Working on a project whose focus is on open media on the web, which I admit I’m just beginning to really feel like I grok. As an admitted die-hard Linux user who now-has-a-commute and is getting a shiny-new-iPod-for-said-commute, having an open application to get various media from various sources onto that iPod, on an open operating system, is… really important to me.

Admittedly, this is just from my sense from a single day, one with way-not-enough-sleep. :-)
Anyway, I’ll be hanging out on IRC—even moreso now3—so if you need to find me… just holler, and you’ll get me.4
1 Or Pioneers of the Inevitable—a name my mother absolutely loved when she heard it—if you prefer…
2 Xbox-ers and Wii-ers: no making fun. I actually like it! And now that “Bluray has won,” I’m even more pleased with it.
3 Which admittedly wasn’t a ton the last couple months ’cause… well… come on… West Wing. And Arrested Development!
4 Or… Reedone of us…