It’s all about the Chases


Maybe I only notice these things because Gerv has so religiously run the “n00,000 Bugzilla bug”-contests
Or maybe it was randomly running across Wil’s post about all of the web team’s commits the other day…
Or maybe… it’s just because I’m a dork about these sorts of things…
… buuut I was amused to realize the other day that here at the nest, we’re due to hit the 10k mark on both bugs (I just filed bug 9087) and commits (changeset 9200 just went in).
I’m betting we’ll probably hit 10k on both before 0.6 ships… although, I find myself wondering who will make it across the milestone first. Even though Bugzilla is behind at this point, I’m betting it’ll catch up to commits before we ship.
Anyone bets on when we’ll hit 20k?
(I was going to ask about the next-order-of-magnitude milestone, but… a Wilson party is probably a couple years away… at least.)