A Short Course in Investing in Perilous Times


With gas1 hitting $4.99/gallon in California today for the cheap stuff (and the expensive stuff getting mighty cozy with the halfway marker to $6/gallon gas), things are starting to get interesting.2
[[100 LL]] is already over $6/gallon, prompting an as-of-today $26/Hobbs-hour fuel surcharge on top of the plane rental.
Despite the skyrocketing food and oil prices, a pathetic dollar, and the uncertainty and angst that comes along with that4, it is nice to know there remains a currency that will hold its value.

Can I power my Civic on this stuff?!

It “magically” appeared on my desk today.
Apparently, my reputation precedes me…
Despite the temptation, it will have to wait for a couple of days; rc4 just went out today; final looks to be right around the corner.
1 Or “petrol,” as some would call it…
2 Yes, yes… I know basically all of .eu is going “Yeah? So?!! You whiny bitches…”3
3 Alas, it is true… we are whiny bitches…
4 Not only to us whiny Americans, but to the nations who are so nice to finance all of our debt for us