It’s MFBT (for multiple values of “B”)


When I joined Mozilla Corporation, you either ran your own blog1, had a Mozillazine blog, or didn’t involve yourself in such frivolities at all.3

Release pattern diagram for major software projects

I remember asking the then-VP of Engineering who I should talk to about “getting my blog Mozilla set up.” Since the company was about twenty people back then, the answer wasn’t obvious, so he pointed me to #mozillazine. I went and asked around and I got my Mozilla blog.

And all was good with the world. For a time.

But times change, and at some point in the last four years, it became cool4 to run your own blog.

So now, years later, since all the cool kids are doing it, I finally set up my own blog.

If the name—The Sober Build Engineer—doesn’t immediately make sense, maybe the introduction will help.

In an attempt to not spam Planet Mozilla, I won’t be syndicating everything; but if you find my ramblings amusing5, the raw RSS feed is always available.

I’d like to thank MattyT, Mozillazine, and OSUOSL for hosting “my Mozilla blog” for the last few years.

And I hope to see y’all on the flip side6.

Oh… and of course, the first round is on me…

1 Not as likely, since it wasn’t as “cool” back then2
2 Yes, I’m that old….
3 Until the “blogosphere” became a “big deal”
4 Dare I say chic?
5 Or otherwise…
6 Bug 532342 tracks movin’ me over