Songbird Spotted in Namoroka!


Ever since Mozilla released the 1.9.1 version of its platform1, our community has been asking when to expect a version of Songbird built on the newer platform.

Transitioning to a newer version of the Mozilla platform is a complicated process and a huge project in and of itself.

At the time, we were working hard on other projects and didn’t have time to go through the work of destabilizing and then re-stabilizing them to update to a newer version of the underlying platform. Plus, even though the 1.9.0-based platform is a bit long in the tooth these days, it’s been incredibly stable for us and for users.

Of course, keeping up with the New Hotness ™ is important to us too, and so when the conversation about updating Xulrunner recently came up again, we decided that it was best to go for the gold and head right to Mozilla’s latest platform release, 1.9.2 (codename: Namoroka).

To that end, we’ve done a fair amount of engineering work4 to get 1.9.2-based builds going and we’d like your help testing them!

The work is currently being done on the xr192Integration branch; nightlies for that build are available here:

We also have integration buildbots up and running:

If you have a free moment and would like to see what Songbird looks like in a 1.9.2-based build, grab a nightly and check it out.

If you find a bug, we’d love to hear about it. When filing, please try to reproduce it on a trunk nightly, and see if the bug is present there, as well. That way, we’ll know if it’s a 1.9.2 issue for us to investigate, or possibly another issue that also appears in older Xulrunners.

Our plan is to hopefully get enough feedback and testing regarding the switch to release our Orbital release with a whole lot of 1.9.2ness!

With your help, we’ll make Songbird one of the most beautiful birds in all the Namaroka Strict Nature Reserve!

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1 Way back in June of 20082
2 Wow, has it really been that long?!3
3 Yes. Yes it has.
4 And admittedly, a lil’ build work…