Last Minute Wikileaks Present


Looks like the Wikileaks isn’t taking the holidays off, and has released one more secret document from the United States government, just in time for Christmas.

Unlike the previously released diplomatic cables, this document was released without much fanfare or press attention.

While it’s understandable that the government wouldn’t want to publish this information1, this document provides fascinating insight into holiday operations of the National Airspace System and of one pilot in particular; it’s too important to be kept secret in a free society:

Unlike the other leaked documents, mostly diplomatic cables, this document appears to concern a Federal Aviation Administration Defense VFR flight plan.

The pilot of november five-alpha-november-tango-four apparently files this flight plan with the agency every year on or about December 24th.

While this is the first document we’ve seen with this level of detail, this is far from the first time the government has hinted that it is working with Santa: see the NORAD Santa Tracker and the FAA-charted North Pole NDB or GPS-A approach plate.

Let us hope, for the pilot’s sake, that he isn’t subjected to the TSA’s “increased security measures” when embarking on his first stop.

For those celebrating Christmas tonight, Merry2 Christmas, from me to you.

And, of course, happy holidays to all!

1 Especially since the terror threat-level is currently something like polkadotted puce
2 Please use this regex if it’s relevant to you