TeamAndrew: Anything They Can’t Do?


It all started a number of months ago when @dolske randomly linked to an innocuous video about fluffy unicorns.

Little did I know the first time I watched it, but I’d end up spending hours upon hours listening to Pantaloons’ videos, and would eventually be led to his current collaborator, Mr. Gunnarolla, only to spend another host of hours watching his great material.

When they announced they were going on tour, I jumped at the thought of being able to watch them perform the songs live that had been bouncing around in my head on repeat for the last few months.

I dragged my roommate along since I had caught him singing the delightful earworms that are their tunes; we got to the San Francisco venue—a cute cafe in the Outer Sunset—slightly before showtime, but it was already so crowded we spent the entire concert by the door.

I actually saw Gunnarolla outside looking for Pants1, saving the space for him to park in; I surprised myself when I leaned to my roommate and said “OMG THAT’S HIM!” He surprised me when he went over to Andrew and said “Hi! We’re big fans. He got me started watching you!”

Andrew said “Aww, thanks guys, that’s great!” And then surprised us both with a hug.

Unlike other shows2, we were treated to an opening set by Sam Hart (which had been announced in a really catchy way). Sam’s songs were beautiful ballads to the things he loved: loves-that-weren’t, loves-that-were, his cat, and MarioKart.

Then the Andrews took to the stage, and… how can I put it? Singing. Contests. Singalongs. Awesomeness. Just like their videos… except, y’know, not on YouTube. And we were in the videos.

My day started with a corrupted source control server and went downhill from there. But it ended with this:

Team Andrew finds the sauerkraut in my lederhosen after the San Francisco concert

I also nabbed one of their awesome tour posters and got them to sign it!

It started out a lil’ rocky, but all things considered, it was a spectacular day.

I can’t wait to see them on tour again, hopefully soon!

1 Wait, that… sounds wrong…
2 I think