QuickRelease 0.12: shipped!


Just a quick (pun intended) heads up for QuickRelease followers/users: 0.12 just shipped today!

You can grab an automatically-generated tarball, courtesy of github, here.

The 0.12 release has a bunch of minor fixes and polishes to the 0.11.1 release. Notable improvements include:

  • Finish up a wholesale refactor of “Partner steps”: partner steps were originally created to model release processes that are relatively close to each other, but contain minor configuration differences for different partners. Specific improvements include:
    • Creation of a new top-level type: PartnerStep
    • Move all the partner-related concepts into this class.
    • Use a cleaner approach to connect the running of Processes and (Partner)Steps
    • Hook up auto-setting of the partner-related configuration steps, so partner-specific configuration is all set up for steps that use them
    • Provide a mechanism to get at partner-specific configuration variables in common config areas
    • Allow partner steps to decide whether or not they should halt when encountering an error or keep trudging along.
  • Hook up the console driver’s “ignore any errors” option (-i) actually work, and also correctly report if an error occurred, even if you’re ignoring it.
  • Create a collection type for ReleaseFrameworkErrors&mdash:ReleaseFrameworkErrorCollection—which allows errors to be “batched up” and dealt with (particular useful when writing partner steps.
  • Plus a bunch of minor bug fixes!

The provided examples have also been updated to illustrate the power of PartnerSteps and of the new QuickRelease ConfigSpec magic you can play with.

Please give play arond with it, and if you have any questions or (heaven forbid) discover any bugs, feel free to let the QuickRelease developers Google group know!