QuickRelease (Lucky!) 0.13 Released


Just a quick announcement that the newest version of QuickRelease has shipped!

(Lucky!) 0.13, most notably, has the following updates/improvements:

  • Entries from your release configuration files can now be coerced by the ConfigSpec class into dictionaries; you can do this be defining an item in the configuration file with the syntax [key1 value1] [key2 value2]
  • You can now define command-line overrides for variables; you must set allow_config_overrides to true in your config file to allow this behavior, but after doing so, you can redefine variables from the commandline, like so: quickrelease -p SomeProcess -c myconfig.cfg -DoverrideVariable=overrideValue -DanotherOverride=somethingElse. This is especially useful for processes that are used daily, and thus need minor configuration changes.
  • Addition of a chdir() utility method that follows shell semantics; this is a bit of a random feature, but some programs (Perforce’s p4 command line utility, most notably) rely on a correctly-set PWD environment variable instead of getcwd(3) to know which directory they’re operating in; this function provides a compatibility layer for such programs.
  • You can now pass either a filename or an input stream to RunShellCommand(), and it will hook this up to the calling process. This is useful for some programs (again, notably, p4) where you can script their behavior by giving them commands via STDIN.

Packages can be grabbed directly from github. (We’ll be publishing “proper” packages for future releases.)

As always, if you run into any problems, don’t hesitate to let us know

And if you’re interested in the project, feel free to follow/fork us on github!

The focus on 0.14 will be something many have been asking for: more documentation, and examples, including a sample set of processes, steps, and configuration to build Firefox!