The Therapist


My next blog post was to be about some things I’ve learned in my initial months as a consultant, but I’ve been so busy learning it, I’ve let my blogging go by the wayside.


While I enjoy writing, I’ve also been distracted by working on producing The Ship Show, a podcast we describe as covering “Release engineering, DevOps, and everything in between.”

My co-hosts are really awesome, and we’re working on episode 8 right now. Some of our more popular shows include:

And our last show, on bootstrapping developer workstations, includes the commentary I meant to write about Sascha Bates’ blog post, on “being a therapist.”

So, instead of reading it, grab that episode, and start listening at about 45 minutes in.

I suspect more and more posts-I’d-write-here will end up as content on the podcast, so if you enjoy the Sober Build Engineer, you should definitely subscribe to the podcast.