On Footnotes


Longtime readers of The Sober Build Engineer may find today’s XKCD amusing1.

I get asked a lot of times why this blog tends to rely heavily on footnotes; it turns out it’s mostly a historical footnote2.

The original incarnation of this blog started back when I was one of Mozilla Corporation’s two3 full-time release engineers. Since a lot of the community communication regarding builds came through that blog at the time, a lot of the funnier content4 had to be relegated down to the footnotes.

And then it just sort of snowballed from there; it turns out people found them amusing and missed them; they’re also a great tool for citations, without being too intrusive.

So yeah… they’re here to stay… for now.

1 Thanks to Redfive for calling it out!
2 See what I did there?
3 And then only one… and then two again
4 Or stuff that were inside jokes anyway