AAPL’s Fortunes


Like many techies in the Bay Area, I spent yesterday morning watching the keynote at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference.

Colin Barrett graciously (and brilliantly) hosted an event at his place bringing together a group of Apple developers from all walks and featuring coffee, pastries, mimosas, and plenty of snarky comebacks for the various announcements and demos in the keynote.

It was a great way to spend the morning.

Personally, I was a little disappointed by the announcements; there was a lot of good stuff in there, but as someone who doesn’t develop iOS apps (or primarily in Mac OS at all), there wasn’t much for me specifically to drool over. (Though, as an iPhone user, some of the iOS 7 announcements did interest me, especially Control Center… and no, I don’t care if they’re copying Windows Phone.)

AAPL, June 10th, 2013.

I was later looking through the iOS 6 stock apps to compare the icons to the new iOS 7 ones I happened to randomly launch the Stocks app; AAPL popped up, and I noticed a couple of interesting things:

  • AAPL hit its daily high a few minutes (ten, maybe?) into the keynote
  • It’s hard to tell exactly, but there seem to be three dips during the keynote; it’d be interesting to know if these correlated to the transitions from the Mac hardware to Mac OS X to iOS announcements
  • It’s interesting see AAPL’s biggest slide for the day—leaving it down over its open—seems to be approximately when it was clear there actually wasn’t “one more thing”1
  • It looks like the day’s volume was mostly driven right after the end of the keynote

None of this is particularly insightful, though with all the purported high-frequency trading going on, it does make one wonder if these were driven entirely by the keynote announcements, or the ups and downs were amplified by trading algorithms.

In any event, special thanks to Colin2 for hosting the event; it was a lot of fun!

In slightly-related Apple keynote news, a friend of mine, Daniel Lu, posted renderings, based on what was presented at the keynote, of his guess on the guts of the new Mac Pro, plus some historical Mac cube-like product comparisons; definitely worth checking out.

  1. I attended Colin’s event with Sam Sidler, who noted “I don’t think Tim Cook is a ‘one more thing’-kind of a guy…”
  2. Who, coincidentally, starts at Apple on Monday, on the UIKit team; extra-congrats!