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The Dark Ages That Never Were


I generally don’t discuss previous work experiences with the details unredacted—”Names changed to protect the innocent and/or guilty,” and all that—but Mozilla prides itself on its openness and transparency1, and they’ve been asking for #webstories, so here’s mine: My beginnings with Mozilla and, perhaps ironically, with release engineering started when I was 18. I worked Read More

Eulogy for a Founding Father, revisited


In response to my post earlier this week on Tinderbox’s end-of-life, reader Carsten Mattner asked: Reading [your post], I couldn’t figure out what replaced Tinderbox for the Mozilla builds. What feeds tbpl? Does Mozilla not use Tinderbox to build continuously? When I left Mozilla in 2007, there was a Release Engineering project in progress to Read More

"Red is bad, right?"

Eulogy for a Founding Father


About a month ago, I noticed a tweet from Coop: Pouring out a little liquor for tinderbox today. Drinking the rest, because, you know, tinderbox. It linked to a post describing the plan to end-of-life Tinderbox1. As one of a handful of people who was required in an employment-capacity to support Tinderbox in production2,3, Read More

On Footnotes


Longtime readers of The Sober Build Engineer may find today’s XKCD amusing1. I get asked a lot of times why this blog tends to rely heavily on footnotes; it turns out it’s mostly a historical footnote2. The original incarnation of this blog started back when I was one of Mozilla Corporation’s two3 full-time release engineers. Read More

EPISODE 16: PaaS: Play or Passe?


Mozilla’s Brandon Burton, on The Ship Show


In case you missed it, Mozilla’s own Brandon Burton (aka @solarce) joined the panel for the most recent episode of The Ship Show1, to talk about his research into and experiences with building and rolling out an internal platform-as-a-service (PaaS). He had a lot of interesting stories and data about introducing PaaS infrastructure at Mozilla Read More

A Mozilla LGBTQ Postscript


There’s been a lot of activity in the Mozilla community over the past 36 hours regarding community standards, free speech issues, and LGBTQ issues. It’s great to see these conversations happening; I believe this is precisely what should happen in a community when disagreement arises. One aspect continues to confuse me1: many of those discussing Read More

Nightly’s on First; Aurora’s on Second


I wasn’t going to even bother saying anything, but raccettura’s post goaded me into it. Let’s put this in some perspective:Apple—user experience and design queen Apple—is to the rightof Mozilla’s position on this issue! Allow me to succinctly cut through all the cacophony on this: version numbers matter1. They’ve always mattered. And they will continue Read More

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