Compiling in a Winter Wonderland


I’ve got a secret to confess: I’ve been working remotely from my childhood home in Colorado this week. I flew out last Sunday.
That whole plan turned out to be really fortuitous, considering this afternoon’s Doppler radar:

Me in the center, with all the badness heading in the wrong direction…

This storm, easily in the top ten Colorado blizzards in recorded history the local news networks tell me, has shut down I-25 statewide, shutdown I-70 up into the high country, and completely shutdown Denver International, the “all weather” airport:

07:07 <@preed> KDEN 201441Z 35025G36KT 1/4SM R35L/1800V2000FT +SN BLSN FZFG VV002

07:07 <@preed> that's awesome.

07:07 <@preed> winds 25 gusting 36 knots, one quarter mile visibility, heavy snow, freezing fog, vertical visibility of 200 feet.

07:07 <robcee> I'll take your word for it. I haven't progressed to the ability to parse METAR data in my head

07:08 <robcee> ah, thank you for the translation

07:08 <robcee> man, that's nasty

07:08 <@preed> I'd have to look up what BLSN is

07:08 <robcee> blowing snow?

07:08 <@preed> probably "bitch, loser there's friggen SNOW OUTSIDE!"

07:08 <@preed> or that.

Anyway, the release is done, the holidays are near, and I’m totally excited about the prospects of a snowed-in white Christmas, which I haven’t experienced in at least five years and certainly don’t get to see in California.
So here’s wishing you a happy holiday season—whatever that may mean to you—from OMGSOMUCHSNOW Colorado:

P.S. if you don’t hear from me for more than 48 hours on IRC, I’m either on vacation, or dead. Either way, call the Colorado National Guard. Or rhelmer.
One of the two.